1 What is a Kelvin color?

A Kelvin color is the light spectrum of the diodes showing that it is either warm light (3000k) which is a light yellow, a natural white which is like a lighter form of beige (4000k) or sheet white is a bright white (5000k)

2. What are the best calvin colors for my house?

Common preference is a warm light (3000-3500k) because it is considered to have a calming effect.

3. What color would I want to use in my office?

The natural white (4000k) is best for your vision. It is commonly used in schools, libraries and offices.

4. What would I use for parking lots or outside around my building?

This is where a bright white light (5000k) is often used for security around buildings and parking lots or structures.  

5.What is the wattage to lumen output?

Generally 120 lumens per watt is used however the technology has advanced and soon 200 lumens per watt will be on the market.

6. Can I dim an LED?

Yes. It is important to make sure a dimmable fixture is used with a dimmable LED bulb or lamp.

7. What are the best controls for LED lighting?

Occupancy Sensor, Daylight Sensor, Computer Control, Passive/Active, Ultrasonic or Infrared.

8. When selecting an LED what is the most important question to ask myself?

Where will the LED be used, what is the placement of the fixture, how tall are the ceilings, and what will you be doing in that space?  

9. When selecting exterior lighting what items should I consider?

The height and the placement of the fixture, how large is the area you want to light and what activities do you want illuminated.

10 .What is DLC and why is it so important? 

DLC is design lighting consortium. It is a rating system for product quality.