Georgia Cifelli – CEO

Ms. Cifelli leads QuaLED’s marketing and selling efforts in Arizona.

Email Georgia: GC@QuaLEDlighting.com

Ms. Cifelli founded QuaLED Lighting in 2010. The company provides competitive LED products for Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, and Military facilities.

Known as an LED lighting industry pioneer, Georgia specializes in warehouse and manufacturing, municipal, schools, parking lots and garages, and military facilities. She provides consultative selling support for lighting design services to provide clients with the most efficient lighting along with human-centric capabilities.

Under Georgia’s leadership, QuaLED has completed more than 200 installations and retrofitted over 5,000,000 square feet of private and government facilities.

Georgia’s leadership has driven the development of QuaLED Lighting from a lighting distributor to a multi-faceted contractor, designer and manufacturer of LED lighting and controls products.


J. Brian Amster – Vice President (VP)

Mr. Amster provides leadership in QuaLED’s operations, and leads the company’s selling efforts in the public and institutional market areas, including municipal, government, and education.

Brian’s Email: BA@QuaLEDlighting.com

As a founder of QuaLED Lighting, Mr. Amster has worked to develop the company from start-up to a respected lighting provider to commercial and government clients. His leadership has helped to expand the company’s activities into multiple geographic markets – Arizona, California, Colorado, Mexico and nationwide for the US Government.

Brian’s activities include commercial and government bidding, rebate and incentive analysis, and advanced energy control systems. His foresight has provided the foundation for growth into expanding markets including specialty LED manufacturing, full-service design, and premier service for clients.


Graham Murdoch – LE(a)D Scientist Officer  (LSO)

GrahamGrahman Murdoch is an LED specialist, and seasoned engineering management professional. Graham holds a Masters degree in LED engineering applications, and was an innovation fellowat the University of Toronto’s Institute for Optical Sciences..

Grahams Email: Gmurdoch111@gmail.com

As a first job out of school, Graham developed advanced quantum dot photodectors for cellphone applications at InVisage Inc. Thanks to the work done by our team at the early stages, InVisage went on to be rated by the Wall Street Journal as America’s top emerging semiconductor company in 2010, and secured secure series C venture funding from Intel.

After completing his Masters, Graham served as Director of Operations for Lumentra Inc, where he spearheaded the formation of a test and measurement laboratory for Solid State Lighting applications. He initiated NVLAP / ISO-17025 accreditation efforts, ultimately leading to NVLAP certification for the laboratory. Graham then went on to found Luminautics Inc., a provider of advanced LED billboard display technology ranging from LED modular hardware to web application display management software. Graham sold Luminautics to Media Resources International in 2013

Peter LoPresti – SoCal L&E Expert

Mr LoPresti oversees and represents QuaLED Lighting’s operations in and around southern California.

Peter’s Email: PL@QuaLEDlighting.com

Mr. LoPresti has spent the last 30 years as an entrepreneur in architectural design, construction contracting, and custom millwork and property management. Peter has completed hundreds of commercial and residential projects in Southern California, from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

Peter’s been involved in the Green movement since 2001, engaging in sustainable building construction and design. As a lighting designer, he brings many years of building design and construction for clients in industrial and commercial facilities.

Marcus Cifelli – Technology Tactician

Robert Oppenheimer – Advisory Guru